Basic News Source Parameters

Parameter News Source Parameter News Source
abnw ABN Newswire basic Basic News Sources
bayaw Accesswire Non-Investor Awareness News bayusmc Livemoney US Market Commentary (was Baystreet)
bayawia Accesswire Investor Awareness News ccn Marketwired (Canada) (was Marketwire Canada CCN)
bwi Business Wire jcn JCN Newswire
acn ACN Newswire pzo GlobeNewswire (was PrimeNewswire)
mwi Marketwired (was Marketwire) prn PR News Wire
TheNewsWire The News Wire upi UPI
nfil Newsfile Corp cnw Canada News Wire
fsc FSCwire (was Filing Services Canada) ingu Investors Guru
hug Thomson Reuters ONE (was Hugin AS News) stnn Stock News Now
equi seek Seeking Alpha
nnw NetworkNewsWire pot PotNetwork
fin FP Financial Press std Stock Traders Daily

Add-On News Package Source Parameters

Parameter Add-On News Source Parameter Add-On News Source
baycdnmc Baystreet Canadian Commentary baysip Baystreet Stocks in Play
baycdnec Baystreet Canadian Economic Commentary bayglobmc Baystreet Global Market Commentary
baybrkout Baystreet Breakout Stocks baystw Baystreet Stocks to Watch
baycdntech Baystreet Canadian Tech Insider baycomod Baystreet Commodities
baytop Livemoney Top Stories (was Baystreet) eww Eworldwire
mcom0001 M2 Communications - M2 PressWIRE mcom0002 M2 Communications - M2 Airline Industry Info
mcom0004 M2 Communications - M2 EquityBites mcom0007 M2 Communications - M2 Telecomworldwire
mcom0008 M2 Communications - M2 Worldwide Computer Products News mcom0009 M2 Communications - M2 Best Books
mcom0010 M2 Communications - M2 M&A Navigator mcom0011 M2 Communications - M2 Banking & Credit News
rni Resource News International stkh Stockhouse News
zacks Zacks Research News qmciss Quotemedia News Alerts (52wk hi/lo)
ami Amigobulls

Premium News Source Parameters

Parameter Premium News Source Parameter Premium News Source
ben Benzinga Pro News irw IRW Press
dow Dow Jones Proprietary News (licensed for Dow Jones Only) djns Dow Jones News Service
djwer Dow Jones World Economic Report glob Globe Newswire Canada
iiiafx III News (licensed for III only) iiidisc III Discussions (licensed for III only)
ftw The Fly (was
krtn Mcclatchy-Tribune News (was Knight Ridder)
krtb Mcclatchy-Tribune Regional mwint Marketwired (Intl) (was Marketwire International)
mnp Market News Publishing (Delayed) mnpp Market News Publishing Professional (Real Time)
mnpnp Market News Publishing Non-Pro (Real Time) mnps Market News Publishing Statistical (included in all other MNP entitlement codes)
tenk Morningstar Filings (was 10kWizard) sw StockWatch News
tsxcp TSX CP Equities News tcpn The Canadian Press News (licensed for only)
stkbbrss Stockhouse Proprietary RSS Boards (licensed for Stockhouse only) wapo Washington Post (National News)
mdt MT Newswire North American Live Briefs (was Midnight Trader) mdtp MT Newswire North American Live Briefs Pro

Additional fees/entitlements required for Premium News Sources
Implementation of User Management Services to entitle premium news to end users is required. However, all Dow News and III News data is not permitted to be served via xml and json.

Canada Only News Source Parameters

Parameter Premium News Source Parameter Premium News Source
mwint Marketwired International (content for Canadian Distribution Only) glob Globe Newswire (for Canadian Distribution Only)

RSS News Source Parameters

Parameter RSS News Feed Source Parameter RSS News Feed Source
benrss Benzinga RSS News stkbbrss Stockhouse Proprietary Bullboards RSS
cnbcrss CNBC RSS News nasrss NASDAQ RSS News
zacksrss Zacks Equity Research RSS News


Online Publications

Parameter Online Publications Source Parameter Online Publications Source
oop Online Publications cop Premium Online Publications

Topic News Only

Parameter Topic News Source Parameter Topic News Source
chin China Real News hin Hindu Business Line News
rere Research Recap xin Xinhua News Agency