MT Newswires North America Live Briefs PRO news service provides complete real-time coverage of U.S. and Canadian markets for investment professionals. Live Briefs® PRO, our most comprehensive service, delivers industry leading North American news and trading analysis. Compare to Dow Jones Newswires or Thomson Reuters news. 


  • full real-time coverage of U.S. and Canadian equities around the clock; 
  • comprehensive coverage of small cap Canadian stocks listed on the Venture Exchange; 
  • industry-leading coverage of corporate earnings - faster, broader and deeper; breaking equity, ETF, commodity, forex, fixed-income and economic news throughout the entire trading day; 
  • in house analysts (CFAs) providing critical insight into corporate earnings and bank analyst reports;
  • daily global markets coverage of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America; 
  • broad market and sector summaries before, during and after regular market hours; 
  • comprehensive insider trading data and news from Washington Service, the industry’s most recognized name; 
  • more than 70 categories of breaking news and analysis.