The process we follow to display the Snap Shot date in QuoteMedia Fund Research Allocation's Data is as follows. 

  • Allocations reported on the Fund website are updated automatically either on a monthly/quarterly basis depending on the site

  • Websites that do not provide all the allocations are calculated using the full holdings data, which is collected from SEC filings every quarter

For example a fund website has data as of March 31, 2021 for Asset, Market capitalization and Sector allocation (see screenshot below). 

Since the website did not report Country and Region allocations, we have calculated it based on the full holdings data which was dated for Jan 31 2021, but was published by the SEC on 29th March 2021. Since the calculations had to use the SEC filing date from Jan 31, 2021 the snap shot date would be reflected in our API as Jan 31, 2021.

Note that some Canadian Funds only file a report semi annually or annually.