Enterprise X

EnterpriseX is a server to server distribution medium for QuoteMedia's financial data via Request API. The system is designed to provide intraday snap information and end of day bulk information to authorized users (IP, Token, User Session). EnterpriseX operates as a polled data source using http for the transport and XML or JSON for the encoding.

Access Control

Request Structure:
The requests are simple http get requests on port 80 to app.quotemedia.com (West Coast) or quotes.quotemedia.com (East coast) which you pass a set of parameters to configure the response you want to receive. Request API Data Center Failover Protocols.

The request uses the Restful BEST Practices, for more details click here

Response Structure:
The response to the request is an XML or JSON document containing the data. 


The FPOsByCountry API provides the ability to search for all companies that have had an FPO within a specified time frame. FPOs for US and Canada are supported with historical data starting from January 2021.

Please note that API requests for an entire country tend to return file sizes too large to be processed by internet browsers.

Output Variables

Data Type
pageNumberIntegerPage number
totalPagesIntegerTotal number of pages
nextPageStringURL of next page
copyrightStringQuoteMedia copyright
countryStringCountry for requested data.  
Section header
offertypeStringThe type of public listing occurring. output = IPO, SPAC [Special Purpose Acquisition Company], DL [Direct Listing]. FPO, Up-Listing
offerStatusStringThe status of the offer from the issuer. output = Open/ Closed
listingStatusStringListing Status. output = Listed/ listing pending
use of proceedsStringDescription of what the capital funding will be used for.
offeringAnnouncementDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)The date the offer was announced.
shareIssueDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Date when share issued
strategicSharesOfferedDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Strategic shares offered
underwritingDiscountFloatDiscount given to the underwriters, amount per unit.
proceedsAfterExpensesFloatPart of price which remains after expenses
shareholderSharesOfferedIntegerNumber of shares which shareholder released
lockupPeriodIntegerPeriod of time for which shares cannot be sold by company insiders after Public Listing.
lockupExpirationDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)End date of lockup period.
quietPeriodExpirationDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Quiet period expiration date
numberOfSharesIssuedIntegerTotal number of shares issued
strategicSaleOfferThatWereIssuedIntegerStrategic shares issued
greenshoeOptionExerciseDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Greenshoe Option Exercise Date
totalOfferingExpenseFloatTotal offering expense
numberOfGreenshoeSharesIntegerNumber of Greenshoe Shares underwriter could subscribe to
dateOfFilingDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Date on which first filing related to offering submitted to SEC, SEDAR, FCA by company.
expectedOfferingStartDateDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Anticipated/forecasted date for IPO offering start date
offerAmountMinIntegerMinimum forecasted total value of the securities being issued in the event
offerAmountMaxIntegerMaximum forecasted total value of the securities being issued in the event
sharesOverAllottedIntegerNumber of shares allotted above original offerings. AKA Greenshoe shares.
registrationFeeFloatFees need to pay registration
typeOfEquityInstrumentStringType of instrument being issued. Output can be custom, but typically includes:
Class A/B Common Shares
Subscription Receipts
Debt Securities
American Depositary Shares (ADS)
 Preferred Shares
warrantsIssuedFloatWarrants issued
legalFeesExpenseFloatLegal Fees Expenses
securityParvalueFloatNominal or par value of the security issued
expriceOfWarrantsFloatExercise Price of Warrants
expectedDateOfListingDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Anticipated or Forecasted Date of Listing/First Day of Trading, based on latest SEC Filings.
exchangeStringListing Exchange of company/symbol
currencyStringThe currency of the security (which can differ from the country)
offerPriceFloatFinal price at which the issuer offers their securities to the investors participating in the IPO. AKA issue price, IPO price.
priceRangeMaxFloatHighest offer price forecast pre-IPO
priceRangeMinFloatLowest offer price forecast pre-IPO
maxSharesOfferedIntegerMaximum shares offered during IPO
minSharesOfferedIntegerMinimum shares offered during IPO
dateOfListingDate (YYYY-MM-DD)Date the securities begin trading on exchange. First Trading Date.
offerAmountFloatThe total value of the securities being issued in the event. Calculated as offer price x shares
statusStringStatus of the event overall
C= Cancelled
F= Filing
A= Announced
L= Postponed
W= Withdrawn
R= Rumour
P= Pending
N= New
H= History
leadUnderwriterStringLead IPO underwriter
underwriterStringIPO underwriter
underwriterCounselStringUnderwriter Counsel
companyCounselStringLaw firm company name
transferAgentstringTransfer Agent name

Input Variables




Range of Values


investment_trustsNofalseTrue or FalseIf set to true only Investment Trust FPOs will be displayed in the output.
FPO or UPLISTINGWill show those securities that have the specified offer type


Yes (either country or symbol is required)


Type: Text

Country Codes:
us = United States
ca = Canada

Country for requested data.  Cannot be used with the symbol input parameter.



current date


Enter in the date for requested data or with no input the most recent symbol change will display.





Allows for the specification of a start date. Accepted format is YYYY-MM-DD historical data starting from December 2020. 





Allows for the specification of an end date. Accepted format is YYYY-MM-DD. Must be used in conjunction with the start input parameter.





Page number of query results





Number of records to show per page




any output data point

Allows for the exclusion of specific data points (Up to a maximum of 5). Ex. When exclude=open is used, all open values will be hidden in the output.




Numeric value

QuoteMedia attaches a unique id to your company that allows us to entitle you to specific data and products




Type: Text - json or xml

Format of output

unscheduledNofalsetrue/falseAllows for the inclusion of upcoming ipo records that do not yet have a dateOfListing provided
include_nullsNononetrue/falseWhen set to true, null value fields will be included in the output.

The fields input parameter allows to define which fields you want to include in the output and which ones you don't.

If the field isn't nested, it can be included directly. If it is nested then it will need to use syntax such as - object1[fieldX,fieldY]

If excluding specific fields, start the request with a '!'. If excluding a nested field then use syntax such as - !object1[fieldX,fieldY]

For a more detailed explanation please see this article here

Sample Request - FPOsByCountry

This API brings back FPOsByCountry Data for the United States in JSON

Browser Request - https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=XXXXXX&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US

User-based Session Request  - https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=XXXXXX&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&sid=[extracted_sid]

This API brings back FPOsByCountry Data for the United States in XML

Browser Request - https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=XXXXXX&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&content_type=xml

Sample Result - FPOsByCountry - JSON

Results based on


*Results limited to show just the first few

{"results": {"pageNumber": 4,"totalPages": 21,"nextPage": "https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=91924&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&results_per_page=10&page=5","prevPage": "https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=91924&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&results_per_page=10&page=3","copyright": "Copyright (c) 2022 QuoteMedia, Inc.","country": "US","offerings": [{"offerType": "FPO","listingStatus": "Listed","useOfProceeds": "All proceeds from the sale of shares of common stock under this prospectus will be for the account of the selling stockholders","dateOfFiling": "2021-08-05","offerAmountMin": 250000000,"registrationFee": 27275,"symbol": {"symbol": "SPNE","companyName": "SeaSpine Holdings Corp","exchange": "NSD","currency": "USD"},"dateOfListing": "2021-04-19","status": "F","lawFirm": "DLA Piper LLP","transferAgent": "American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC","openingPrice": 19},{"offerType": "FPO","listingStatus": "Listed","useOfProceeds": "We intend to use the net proceeds from this offering, together with our existing cash and cash equivalents, as follows:1.the advancement of SYNB1934 into the Phase 2 SynPheny study;2.preparations for a Phase 3 clinical trial in PKU with SYNB1618 or SYNB1934; and 3.general corporate purposes.","offeringAnnouncementDate": "2021-04-16","underwritingDiscount": 0.18,"proceedsAfterExpenses": 2.82,"lockupPeriod": 180,"lockupExpirationDate": "2022-03-22","quietPeriodExpirationDate": "2021-11-02","dateOfFiling": "2021-07-23","offerAmountMin": 45000000,"registrationFee": 27275,"typeOfEquityInstrument": "Common Shares","securityParvalue": 0.001,"symbol": {"symbol": "SYBX","companyName": "Synlogic Inc","exchange": "NSD","currency": "USD"},"offerPrice": 3,"priceRangeMax": 3,"priceRangeMin": 3,"sharesOffered": 15000000,"dateOfListing": "2021-04-19","offerAmount": 45000000,"status": "T","underwriter": "SVB Leerink LLC,Jefferies LLC","lawFirm": "Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC","transferAgent": "American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC","openingPrice": 50.75},{"offerType": "FPO","offerStatus": "Closed","listingStatus": "Listed","lockupPeriod": 180,"lockupExpirationDate": "2021-10-13","quietPeriodExpirationDate": "2021-05-26","totalOfferingExpense": 555398,"offerAmountMin": 50000000,"symbol": {"symbol": "JOB","companyName": "GEE Group Inc","exchange": "NYE","currency": "USD"},"offerPrice": 0.6,"priceRangeMax": 0.6,"priceRangeMin": 0.6,"sharesOffered": 83333333,"dateOfListing": "2021-04-16","offerAmount": 49999999.8,"status": "T","openingPrice": 5.37318},{"offerType": "FPO","offerStatus": "Closed","listingStatus": "Listed","lockupPeriod": 180,"lockupExpirationDate": "2021-10-12","quietPeriodExpirationDate": "2021-05-25","offerAmountMin": 13050000,"symbol": {"symbol": "PHX","companyName": "PHX MINERALS INC","exchange": "NYE","currency": "USD"},"offerPrice": 2.61,"priceRangeMax": 2.61,"priceRangeMin": 2.61,"sharesOffered": 5000000,"dateOfListing": "2021-04-15","offerAmount": 13050000,"status": "T","openingPrice": 2.343072},

Sample Result - FPOsByCountry - XML

Results based on


*Results limited to show just the first few results

<results pageNumber="4" totalPages="21" nextPage="https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=91924&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&content_type=xml&results_per_page=10&page=5" prevPage="https://app.quotemedia.com/v2/events/fpos?webmaster_id=91924&start=2021-01-01&end=2021-06-01&country=US&content_type=xml&results_per_page=10&page=3">
<copyright>Copyright (c) 2022 QuoteMedia, Inc.</copyright>
<useOfProceeds>All proceeds from the sale of shares of common stock under this prospectus will be for the account of the selling stockholders</useOfProceeds>
<companyName>SeaSpine Holdings Corp</companyName>
<lawFirm>DLA Piper LLP</lawFirm>
<transferAgent>American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC</transferAgent>
<useOfProceeds>We intend to use the net proceeds from this offering, together with our existing cash and cash equivalents, as follows:1.the advancement of SYNB1934 into the Phase 2 SynPheny study;2.preparations for a Phase 3 clinical trial in PKU with SYNB1618 or SYNB1934; and 3.general corporate purposes.</useOfProceeds>
<typeOfEquityInstrument>Common Shares</typeOfEquityInstrument>
<companyName>Synlogic Inc</companyName>
<underwriter>SVB Leerink LLC,Jefferies LLC</underwriter>
<lawFirm>Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, PC</lawFirm>
<transferAgent>American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC</transferAgent>
<companyName>GEE Group Inc</companyName>
<companyName>PHX MINERALS INC</companyName>