1. Depending on your version of Windows, select 'All Programs,' Or 'All Apps,' from the window start menu. Scroll down to the folder for Java, within that folder you should see an entry for Configure Java. This will open up the Java Control Panel.

2. In the Java Control panel, select the 'Advanced' tab and ensure that under Debugging 'Enable tracing,' and 'Enable logging,' are selected, as well as 'Show console' under Java Console. You may have to click Apply to save these changes (see screenshot for reference).

3. Reload the program and the Java Console will open, replicate the issue and once you have completed the replication, minimize the streamer and click 'Copy' in the Java Console window.

4. Please paste the contents into a word or notepad document and reply to this ticket with it as an attachment.

To stop the Java Console from appearing when opening the program, simply repeat steps 1 and 2 to disable the Java Console.