This document describes the financial instrument symbology used by QuoteMedia for stocks on the London Stock Exchange. In general we use the identifiers passing in by the originating exchange and then we prepend a character to identify the type of security and append a suffix to denote the exchange.

Symbol Suffix/Exchange

Symbols traded on the London Stock Exchange have the following suffix added to the end of the symbol = :LN


LSE Index symbols have the following prefix added to the front of the symbol = ^ They also have the following suffix added to the end of the symbol = :LN


LSE Equities utilize the common symbol with the suffix :LN at the end of the symbol.

The exchange assigns a three (3) letter code to Equities. If the symbol is less than 3 characters, they add the "." character to the end. eg. RR.:LN

Equity Classes, etc.

The London Stock Exchange appends other characters to the end of the symbol for classes, preferreds and warrants - but not consistently. eg. a "W" ,br> at the end doesn't always mean warrant.

examples: RR.A, RR.B for Rolls-Royce class A and B.

NOTE (to be updated): The LSE also has a bunch of symbols that are two letters and 2 numbers, that are coded as equities or bonds. These may be miscoded as equities as they seem bond related, based on the name:

examples: 91PU:LN 91PR:LN 51YQ:LN