NASDAQ TotalView (L2) (full book) - The full order book for all market participants on the NASDAQ exchange. We also provide an aggregated view called TotalView-Aggregated which is the aggregate of each market participant at each price level (note that this is different from L2 which only shows the top price level for each participant). OpenView includes data on orders placed on NYSE & NYSE American issues through the NASDAQ exchange. When users are entitled to this data the display in Level2/Depth module by provides dropdown selections for the three views outlined below:

Level 2 - The top of book for all market participants (best bid/ask per market participant)
TotalView – All orders are individually displayed (similar to our TSX MarketByOrder product)
TotalView-Aggregated – All orders from the NASDAQ market center book (similar to our TSX MarketByPrice product)

Please Note:
- Nasdaq Level 2 with OpenView and Nasdaq TotalView (L2) with OpenView requires entitlements to NASDAQ Level 1 data in Real-Time in addition to the Real-Time Depth entitlement as these are solely Nasdaq data products.
- QuoteMedia does not currently offer Level 2 data from the NYSE exchange (aka NYSE Openbook). We only offer data on orders made on NYSE & NYSE American issues through the Nasdaq exchange.