QuoteMedia Spot Metal Markets (excode SPMTL) data is derived from continuous spot selling prices at banks in countries where spot markets exist, aka from realtime trading of currencies just like bills/notes.  It is not a future, although pricing can sometimes align closely.

Trading hours are based on banks hours which globally are 24 hrs, 24:00 to 24:00 GMT/BST.  We create a "close" value at 01:00 GMT/BST or 20:00 ET.  (Note: The market does appear to be closed for one hour on Sundays and trading on weekends is light.)

QuoteMedia's CME (markets) continuous futures are an alias to the most current leading futures month at any given time. They are futures, not spot prices.  Some publications use the CME data as representative of the 'current' price of some commodities. They may have similar pricing/trends but they are not the same.

We have Level 1 Real-time data available (no Level 2).  Historical data for some symbols goes back to 2006.

The following is a list of Spot Metal Market symbols that we currently carry.

/GCSPBRLSpot GoldBrazil Real
/GCSPCADSpot GoldCanada Dollars
/GCSPCHFSpot GoldSwitzerland Francs
/GCSPEURSpot GoldEU Euro
/GCSPGBPSpot GoldUK Pounds
/GCSPIDRSpot GoldIndonesia Rupiahs
/GCSPINRSpot GoldIndia Rupees
/GCSPKRWSpot GoldS. Korea Won
/GCSPMXNSpot GoldMexico Pesos
/GCSPPLNSpot GoldPoland Zlotych
/GCSPRUBSpot GoldRussia Rubles
/GCSPSARSpot GoldSaudi Arabia Riyals
/GCSPUSDSpot GoldUSA Dollars
/GCSPZARSpot GoldSouth Africa Rand
/GCSPHKDSpot GoldHong Kong Dollars
/GCSPAUDSpot GoldAustralia Dollars
/GCSPZARSpot GoldArgentine Peso
/GCSPHKDSpot GoldJapanese Yen
/GCSPAUDSpot GoldChina Yuan Renminbi
/SISPBRLSpot SilverBrazil Real
/SISPCADSpot SilverCanada Dollars
/SISPCHFSpot SilverSwitzerland Francs
/SISPCNYSpot SilverChina Yuan Renminbi
/SISPEURSpot SilverEU Euro
/SISPGBPSpot SilverUK Pounds
/SISPIDRSpot SilverIndonesia Rupiahs
/SISPINRSpot SilverIndia Rupees
/SISPKRWSpot SilverS. Korea Won
/SISPRUBSpot SilverRussia Rubles
/SISPSARSpot SilverSaudi Arabia Riyals
/SISPUSDSpot SilverUSA Dollars
/SISPZARSpot SilverSouth Africa Rand
/SISPUSDSpot SilverJapanese Yen
/SISPZARSpot SilverArgentine Peso

Note as of January 2023, we no longer receive data for Spot Metals Market data for Platinum or Palladium

All of the above are stated for Ounces. For other types of units, we have added new symbols with an extra character inserted. 

For example, we have /SISPCHF for silver in Swiss francs/ounce and /SISPCHF.K for silver is Swiss francs/kilo.

.K = Kilo (only for Swiss Francs)

We also have a couple of London Fix Spot Metal prices as illustrated in the following formats. As this is newer data to Quotemedia, historical data is available back to 17Oct2014:

/GCSPUSD.LON.AMLondon Fix Gold AMUSA Dollars
/GCSPUSD.LON.PMLondon Fix Gold PMUSA Dollars
/SISPUSD.LONLondon Fix SilverUSA Dollars - Silver only has a single fix in London each day at noon GMT