* NASDAQ Basic Canada is available to Quotestream users for no charge until the end of September 2020.

NASDAQ Basic Canada is an affordable alternative that combines Canadian equities from the Nasdaq CXC, Nasdaq CX2 and Nasdaq CXD trading books.  NASDAQ Basic Canada provides the most recent of the quote/price across the Nasdaq trading books and displays a consolidated volume, which is reflective of about 23%+ of all Canadian volume. Access the same Canadian data with equivalent accuracy that you have today, on the same display and at a lower cost of up to 60%.

Essential Data Information ____________________________________________________ 

* Real-time tick-by-tick price and size information for trades executed on The NASDAQ Canada: NASDAQ CXC, NASDAQ CX2 and NASDAQ CXD. 

Most recent quote/price from the Real-Time NASDAQ Basic Canada feed or consolidated delayed and associated size.

* 100% of CSE, TSX and TSX Venture stocks are available to trade in the NASDAQ Canada marketplace.

* Real-time consolidated market volume on each trade message for the NASDAQ Canada Marketplaces: CXC, CX2 and CXD.

* Pre- and After-Market Data, Intraday Charts (including Tick-by-Tick Charts) and VWAP based on NASDAQ Basic Canada data. Time and Sales, Candlestick Charts, Historical Charts and Historical Data (Historical data only available since April 2019) based on Delayed NASDAQ Canada data.

* Closing Price data checked against consolidated close with Net Change Calculation based on previous consolidated close.

Entitlements ______________________________________________________________ 

One entitlement to NASDAQ Basic Canada will include CXC, CX2 and CXD. Please contact your QuoteMedia account manager to remove NASDAQ CXC, CX2 or CXD before adding NASDAQ Basic Canada entitlements.

Symbology _______________________________________________________________ 

Symbology is different for NASDAQ Basic Canada symbols as it uses CXB for the consolidated values of CXC (CHI), CX2 (CX2) and CXD (CXD).

Cost Savings_______________________________________________________________ 

NASDAQ Basic Canada offers significant cost savings — an average of 60% off your Level 1 bill.