Topic CodeNameDescription
ACCHTHINAccident & Health InsuranceInsurance and Government Health Programs News
  ADAGENCY   Advertising Agencies - Sector   News about the Advertising Agencies Sector
ADVMKTPRAdvertising, Marketing and PRPublic Relations, Investor Relations, Marketing and Advertising News
AERODEFSAerospace and DefenseAerospace, Defense, Aviation News
AERODFMDAerospace/Defense - Major DiversifiedMajor Diversified Aerospace and Defense Company News
AERODFPSAerospace/Defense Products & ServicesAerospace and Defense Product News
   AGR10110   Agriculture - Sector   News about the Agriculture Sector
ALTENERGAlternate EnergyWind, Solar and Natural Gas, Renewable Energy Resources News
 NYSE American Exchange  News related to NYSE American listed stocks.
ANTITRSTAntitrustAntitrust, Monopoly and Unfair Business Practice News
APPLIANCAppliancesMajor and Household Appliance News
ASIAPACIAsia PacificNews about Asia Pacific Region
ASSMNGMTAsset ManagementFinancial Resource and Asset Management News
   Australia   News related to Australia
AUTOMTVEAutomotiveAuto Makers, After Market and Auto Suppliers News
BANKFINABanking and FinanceBanking and Financial Institutions News
BANKING9BankingConsumer Banking News
   BASICMAT   Basic Materials - Sector   News relating to the Basic Materials Sector
BEVBREWSBeverages - BrewersBrewery and Brewing News
BEVSOFTDBeverages - Soft DrinksCarbonated Beverage News
BEVWINDSBeverages - Wineries & DistillersWine and Spirits News
BIGDATABig DataCustom category
BIOTCHNOBiotechnologyBiotechnology Companies and Research News
BODSHBoD/SHBoard of Directors or Shareholders discussions
BONDS001BondsBond Market News
BREAKINGBreaking News and Urgent Updatestimely news, natural disasters and other leading stories
BROADCRDBroadcasting - RadioOver the Air and Satellite Radio News
BROADCTVBroadcasting - TVOver the Air, Satellite and Cable Subscription Television News
BUSINESSEconomy, Business, and FinanceEconomic, Business and Financial News
BUYBACK1Stock BuybackCorporate Stock Shares Buyback News
CAPITALGCapital GainsCorporate Capital Gains News
 CASINENT   Casinos - Entertainment   News about Casinos, Gambling and Gaming
   Casinos - Travel   News about Casino, Gambling, Gaming and Casino        Resort Hotel
CELEBRTYCelebrity News and GossipGossip and News about today's celebrities and wannabes
CHEMICLSChemicalsChemical Companies and Research News
 CHICMERC   Chicago Mercantile Exchange   Chicago Mercantile Exchange News
CIGARETTCigarettesCigarette Companies News
 COAL0001   Coal News   News about Coal and electricity generation
 COM308   Communication Services - Sector   News about the Communication Services Sector
COMMODITCommoditiesCommodities and Futures News
COMPHARDComputer HardwareComputer Hardware Products and Technology News
COMPSWSRComputer SoftwareComputer Software Products and Technology News
COMPUTERComputerComputer Companies, Products and Technologies News
   CONSMDIS   Consumer Cyclical - Sector   News relating to the Consumer Cyclical Sector
   CON205   Consumer Defensive - Sector   News relating to the Consumer Defensive Sector
CONFERENConference Calls, Web EventsCorporate Conference Calls, Web Events and Annual Meeting News
   CONSCRED   Consumer Credit   Consumer Credit
CONSGOODConsumer GoodsConsumer and Household Goods News
CONSUMERConsumer AffairsConsumer Services and Product Recall News and Advisories
   CPI00001   Consumer Price Index   News about the Consumer Price Index
   CRUDEOIL   Crude Oil News   News about Crude Oil
CRYPTOCCryptocurrencyCyrptocurrency News
DATAWAREData WarehousingData Warehousing Products and Technologies News
DIVIDENDCash Or Stock DividendCorporate Dividend News
DRUGS999PharmaceuticalPharmaceutical Companies and Research News
EARNINGSEarningsCorporate Earnings News
ECONOMY1EconomyEconomic and Economy News
EDUCATINEducationAll Levels of Education and Instruction News
   ELE31165130   Electronic Gaming and
   Multimedia Sector
   Electronic Gaming and Multimedia News
ELECTIONElectionStories about Elections and Candidates
ELECTRONElectronicsElectronics Companies, Products and Technologies News
ENERGY01EnergyEnergy Companies, Products and Technologies News
ENERGY99EnergyCopy of ENERGY01
ENTRTAINEntertainmentEntertainment Companies, Products and People News
EUROPE01EuropeNews about European Region
   EUROUNIO   European Union   News about the European Union
   FASHION1   Fashion   Fashion News
   FDA00001   FDA  News about the FDA, the Food Drug Administration
FEDERALFederalStories about or from Federal Agencies, Policy and Policymakers
   FEDRESRV   Federal Reserve   News about the Federal Reserve
FINANCE1FinanceFinance Industry News
FINANCILFinancialFinancial Tools, Methods and Products News
FINASERVFinancial and Business ServicesFinancial and Accounting Companies, Products and Methods
FINSERVIFinancial and Business ServicesNews relating to the Financial Services Sector
FOODSBEVFood and BeverageFood and Beverage Companies and Research
   FORESTPR   Forest Products   News about Forest Products and Timber
FORNEXCHForeign Exchange (FOREX)Foreign Exchange and Currency News
FUTURES1Futures TradingFutures and Commodities News
   GAMEMULT  Games and Multimedia   Games, Multimedia, Playstation, Dreamcast, Nintendo,
   Game Boy, Neo Geo, egames, Multi Player Games, 

   Game Media, Expert Gamer, and Computer Gaming 
   GAMENEWS   Game News    Playstation, Dreamcast, Nintendo, Game Boy, Neo 
    Geo, egames, Multi Player Games, Game Media, 
 Expert Gamer, Computer Gaming
GAMING00Video and Online GamingPC and Console Gaming Companies, Products and Technologies News and Reviews
   HEA31165131   Health Information Services   News about the Health Information Services Sector
HISTORY0HistoryNews about Historic People, Places and Significant Events
HLTHCAREHealthcareHealthcare Providers and Specialty News
HLTHSERVHealth ServicesHealthcare Companies, Products and Research News
   HOMEFUFX   Furnishings, Fixtures & 
   Appliances - Sector
  News about the Furnishings, Fixtures and Appliances 
HOSPITALHospitalsHealthcare Facilities and Administration News
HUMANRESHuman Resources/LaborHuman Resources, Employment and Labor News
   IMF00001   IMF   News about the IMF, the International Monetary Fund
   IND310   Industrials - Sector   News about the Industrials Sector
INDUSGDSIndustrial GoodsIndustrial Products, Goods and Services News
INSIDRTRInsider TradingInsider Trading History, Stock Purchases and Activity News
   INSUBROK   Insurance Brokers - Sector   News about the Insurance Brokers Sector
   INTHPINK  OTC Markets Exchange   News relating to OTC Markets listed stocks.
INTLTRADInternational TradeTrade and Commerce between US and other Countries News
INTRNET9InternetInternet Companies, Products and Technologies News
INTRSTRAInterest RatesNews about US Interest Rates and Impact on Economy
INVESTOPInvestment OpinionInvestor Opinions, Stock Ratings and Performance Analysis News
IPONEWS1IPO'sInitial Public Offering News and Events
LEGAL000Legal NewsLegal and Law Issues and News
LEISURE9LeisureLeisure, Recreation, Travel and Culture News
   LSE London Stock Exchange  News related to LSE listed stocks.
   MANUFACT   Manufacturing   Manufacturing and Semiconductor Industry and 
   Manufacturer News
MANUFCTUManufacturing and EngineeringIndustrial Manufacturing, Engineering and Technologies News
MARKCOMMMarket Newscompany communication and market moving news
MARKECONMarket and EconomyNews that may affect stock markets and global economies
MATERCONMaterials and ConstructionBuilding Materials and Construction Design and Equipment News
MEDIA999MediaBooks, Film, Music and Performing Arts News and Events
   MEDICDEV   Medical Devices   Medical Devices, Cardiac Pacemaker, Prosthesis and 
   Prosthetic News
MEDMARIJMedical MarijuanaMedical Marijuana minus illegal and illicit terms
MERGERACMergers & AcquisitionsCorporate Mergers and Acquisitions News and Events
METALMINMetal and MineralMining, Metals and Geological Exploration News
   MET10150   Metal News   Metals News
   MINING02   Mining 2   Mining, Mineral and Minerals News
MORTGAGEMortgageResidential and Commercial Property Financing News
MUTUALFDMutual FundsFunds Management News
NATGAS02Natural GasNatural Gas Companies, Products and Technologies News
   NASDAQ01   Nasdaq   News related to Nasdaq listed stocks.
NATIONALNational NewsUS Government News and Events
   NATURALG   Natural Gas   Natural Gas News and Research
NATURALRNatural ResourcesEnvironmental and Agricultural Products News and Research
NEWYORK1New YorkNews about New York City
   NEWZEALA   New Zealand   News relating to New Zealand
NONCOMPANYNon-CompanyTo filter out Non-Company News Releases
NOUSNo US DistributionStories that contain 'Not for Distribution in the US'
   NYSE0001   NYSE  News related to NYSE listed stocks.
OILENERGOil & EnergyOil and Gas Companies, Products and Technologies News
   OPEC0001   OPEC News   News about the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting 
   Countries, OPEC and Oil Ministers
   PHA20533080   Pharmaceutical Retailers   News about the Pharmaceutical Retailers Sector
   PHARMACE   Pharmaceutical   News about Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy and Blue Cross
POLITICSPoliticsPresidential Candidates and Political Parties News
PRHYPEPress Release Hypestock hype, self serving press releases and other content
   PRODPRIC   Producer Price Index   News about the Producer Price Index
   PUB10215   Publishing - Sector   News about the Publishing Sector
   RAILROAD   Railroad   Railroad, Railway and Amtrak News
RANT0000RantingsNews on a Variety of Topics with Passionate or Irreverent Language
RATINGS1RatingsRatings on Stocks, Markets and Indexes
REALESTTReal EstateResidential and Commercial Real Estate News
   REI10428   REITs   News about REITs
REMOVEREMOVEStories sent by providers that should not be processed
RETAIL99Wholesale and RetailWholesale and Resale Companies, Products and Technologies News
SCIENCE0ScienceScientific News and Research
SOCIALISSocial IssuesNews about Social Issues such as Race, Religion, Sex/Gender
SOFTWARESoftwareSoftware Industry Companies, Products and Technologies News
   SOLARPOW   Solar Power   News about Solar Power and Solar Energy
SPAMSPAMStories with no editorial value, collection of links or other useless info
STATEPOLState PoliticsState Politics feed
   STE10160   Steel - Sector   News about the Steel Sector
STKSPLITStock SplitsCorporate Stock and Shares Split News
TECHNOLOComputing and Information Technology - SectorTechnology Companies and Products News
TELECOMUTelecommunicationsTelecommunications Companies, Products and Technologies News
TOBACOO9TobaccoTobacco Companies, Products and Legislation News
TRANSPRTTransportationTransportation and Logistics Companies, Products and Technologies News
  TSXTSX01  TSX and TSXV Exchanges   News related to TSX and TSXV listi
   URANIUM1   Uranium News   News and Research about Uranium
UTILITIEUtilitiesUtilities Companies, Products and Technologies News
VENTURECVenture CapitalVenture Capital and Angel Investing Financing News
WORLDNEWWorld NewsNews about International Trade, Foreign Policy and Global Even ts