A ticker symbol suffixed with additional letters identify that there are additional circumstances with the stock beyond a normal stock issue.   The TSX and NYSE listings have the appended suffix extension "behind-the-dot".  Nasdaq and OTC Markets have the appended suffix extension as a fifth letter.



TSX "behind the dot" extensions and other special code

A-B – class of shares

NO, NS, NT – notes

S – special U.S. terms

DB – debenture

P – Capital Pool Company

U, V – U.S. funds

E – equity dividend

PR – preferred

UN – units

H – NEX market

R – subscription receipts

W – when issued

IR – installment receipts

RT – rights

WT – warrants


A – Class "A"

K – Nonvoting (common)

U – Units

B – Class "B"

L – Miscellaneous (situations such as foreign preferred, preferred when-issued, a second class of units, a third class of warrants, or a sixth class of preferred stock).

V – Pending issue and distribution - when issued and when distributed (shares that are set to split or have another similar pending corporate actions).

C – Issuer Qualification Exception – (This is temporarily used to denote that the company is not meeting all listing requirements, but can remain on the exchange for the time being). 

M – fourth class – preferred shares

W – Warrants

D – New issue or reverse split - This is temporarily used to denote a stock split or corporate reorganization.

N – third class – preferred shares

X – Mutual fund

E – Delinquent SEC filings - This is temporarily used to denote delinquent regulatory filings.

O – second class – preferred shares

Y – American Depository Receipt (ADR - Foreign Company)

F – Foreign issue

P – first class preferred shares

Z – Miscellaneous (situations such as a second class of warrants, a fifth class of preferred stock, a stub, a foreign preferred when-issued, or any unit, receipt, or certificate representing a limited partnership interest). 

G – first convertible bond

Q – In bankruptcy

Special codes

H – second convertible bond

R – Rights

PK – A Pink Sheet, indicating over-the-counter

I – third convertible bond

S – Shares of beneficial interest

SC – Nasdaq Small Cap

J – Voting share – This is temporarily used to denote a shareholder vote situation. 

T – With warrants or rights

NM – Nasdaq National Market