Our SEDAR Canadian Filings service is available in our Request API getCompanyFilings and getHeadlines service. We have also integrated support in the QMod Filings tool via added parameter (in addition to the entitlement). Example: https://qmod.quotemedia.com/tools/filings?symbol=WEED:CA&sedar=true

Whether the data is included or not relies on the SEDAR_FILINGS entitlement code.

Filings Format

The links to pdf and html filings are available.

The html filings are based on the txt links provided in the feed. QuoteMedia only provides links to this content so that we continue to host them. Typically the filings do not change but QuoteMedia may make display updates to the html filings version.

Document Types

The file attached to this article contains all of SEDAR's document types and their respective codes.  This is output in the Request API services as "formtype".  The formtype is comprised of: Filer Code - Filing Code - Document Type - Document Subtype

Form Groups (Filings Types)

The file attached to this article contains all of SEDAR's filings types and their respective codes. This is output in the Request API services as "formgroup".  

Delivery Times

SEDAR filings data is provided in real-time to QuoteMedia.  From the time we receive the file to the time it is displayed in our applications is only a few minutes.