Below is a list of the Investment Styles that QuoteMedia supports.



No.Investment Style NameDescription
1Large Cap GrowthEquity Style
2Mid Cap GrowthEquity Style
3Small Cap GrowthEquity Style
4Large Cap ValueEquity Style
5Mid Cap ValueEquity Style
6Small Cap ValueEquity Style
7Large Cap BlendEquity Style
8Mid Cap BlendEquity Style
9Small Cap BlendEquity Style
10Long Term High QualityFixed Income Style
11Intermediate Term High QualityFixed Income Style
12Short Term High QualityFixed Income Style
13Long Term Mid QualityFixed Income Style
14Intermediate Term Mid QualityFixed Income Style
15Short Term Mid QualityFixed Income Style
16Long Term Low QualityFixed Income Style
17Intermediate Term Low QualityFixed Income Style
18Short Term Low QualityFixed Income Style
19Ultra short- Low riskMoney Market Fund
20Small Mid CapEquity Style
21Blue Chip ValueA BlueChip Fund is an equity plan that aims to provide possibilities for investors to create wealth
22All Cap BlendEquity Style
23EnergyCommodities Style
24Precious MetalsCommodities Style
25CommoditiesCommodities Style
26GoldCommodities Style
27SilverCommodities Style
28AgricultureCommodities Style
29Target DateAllocation/Balanced Style
30Equity-oriented BalancedAllocation/Balanced Style
31Debt-oriented balancedAllocation/Balanced Style
32Allocation/BalancedAllocation/Balanced Style
33Tactical AllocationAllocation/Balanced Style
34Municipal BondsTax Preferred Style
35ConvertiblesConvertible Style
37Bear Market StrategyAlternative
38Long-Short StrategyAlternative
39Market Neutral StrategyAlternative
40Multi AlternativeAlternative
41Managed FuturesAlternative
42Option WritingAlternative
43Volatility/ Derivative StrategyAlternative
44Trading-Leveraged CommoditiesAlternative
45Trading-Leveraged MiscellaneousAlternative
46Trading-Inverse CommoditiesAlternative
47Trading-Leveraged DebtAlternative
48Trading-Inverse DebtAlternative
49Trading-Leveraged EquityAlternative
50Trading-Inverse EquityAlternative
52Single CurrencyAlternative
53Fund of FundsAlternative
54Leverage StrategyAlternative