QuoteMedia has offered the Cboe EDGX market Exchange data for several years and now provides Cboe ONE data that includes all of Cboe's four exchanges in a single product.

QuoteMedia now offers three types of Cboe data, they are: Cboe EDGX Consolidated, Cboe EDGX Non-Consolidated, and Cboe ONE.

Cboe EDGX Consolidated

This product bundles the major exchanges in Delayed (NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American and ARCA) with the EDGX exchange in Real Time. This combination of DL and RT data is known as “Delayed Plus”

No symbol suffix is required when using this data as there are consolidated values for volume from all marketplaces, and the best price from either the major exchanges (in Delayed) or EDGX (in Real Time). This data only requires paying exchange fees for EDGX.

Cboe EDGX Non-Consolidated

This product contains only the EDGX exchange in either Real Time or Delayed. The data for this product is displayed by using the :EGX suffix with symbols listed on the major US exchanges.

The entitlement is displayed as RTB (Real Time Bats).

EDGX Non-Consolidated L2 is also available.  Note that the ParticipantID is Optionally specified, so trades may not show the MMID/Broder ID.

Cboe ONE Summary

The Cboe One Summary product combines all the data from Cboe's exchanges into a single Real Time feed. Cboe's exchanges include: BZX, BYX, EDGX, EDGA

Entitlement displayed as RTO (Real Time One).

No Symbol Suffix required as there is a consolidated view of volume from all marketplaces, and the best price from the major exchanges (in Delayed) or Cboe Exchange (in Real Time).