QuoteMedia Request APIs and Streaming Datafeed API have additional details included in order to provide the trading status of symbol(s).  More fields are currently available

For example, the SYMBOLSTATUS subscription in Streaming Datafeed API  https://support.quotemedia.com/en/support/solutions/articles/13000015380-streaming-datafeed-api-marketdatatypes include the following fields.

Message Abbreviation = in Streaming Datafeed API, the message abbreviation would be SS for SymbolStatus

Symbol = the symbol of the stock

HaltStatus = General status flag that is a two digit code to indicate the status of the halt, resumption, trading delay, etc.

HaltIndicator = Additional status information flag that depends on the exchange the symbol is listed on and provides more information about the status of the halt, resumption, trading delay, etc. 

RegSHOStatus Regulation SHO is a set of rules from the SEC that governs short sale practices. Note that sometimes the original events are sent at original effective time but some feeds may also send refreshes at any time with the same effective time from an earlier event, effectively refreshing/updating the current state of the Symbol Status.

EffectiveDate (Time)  =  When a halt status became effective.  The exchange feeds don’t generally distinguish between ‘update time’ and ‘time when current status was originally changed’. There is only 1 field in their feeds. In the US feeds, they tend to keep sending the original time of change of status. In the TMX feeds , it just gets updated every pre-open or when the status is sent, with the current timestamp.

OpeningTime = When halt status has changed to where the symbol started to trade once again in the current day. This is a field specific to TMX feeds and is only used when the feed sends an anticipated opening/re-opening time. So it’s infrequently used but it is not always empty. 

Note = This only contains any data that is sent in the note field in the TMX feed and only when more info is needed than the halt reason that is already coded in the halt indicator/status field.

ClosingCalculatedPrice = Derived calculation for a closing value when one is sent by the feed on the current day.

Note: Not all fields listed are included in all Request APIs.