Background Information

Wealthscope is a Portfolio Management System and Financial Analysis tool which has been integrated into Quotestream. It is available as a separate Pop-out module and is ideal for Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers and Self-Directed Investors.

A user can upload an actual or potential investment account to Wealthscope, and it will provide the following functions:

  • Portfolio Scorecard: A proprietary portfolio scoring system which evaluates the portfolio on 5 important portfolio dimensions and provides an overall score and grade.

  • Simulations: test portfolio ideas.

  • Planning tools: For retirement, education and other goals, with calculated probability of meeting target.

  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Compares your portfolio with your “target portfolio”.

Unique to Quotestream, it also integrates a streamer user's portfolio into Wealthscope’s portfolio analytics.

It is available in both Basic and Premium packages, although Premium is only available to Canadian users.

Using Wealthscope

On downloading the Wealthscope Module, a user can import your pre-existing portfolio into the application. Ensure the following fields are populated:

  • Number of Shares
  • Price per Share
  • Purchase Price

Wealthscope will apply its analysis to your positions. Please note that the following exceptions apply and a symbol will not be analyzed in the following circumstances:

  1. If it has a history of less than 36 Months.
  2. If it has a history of 36-47 months but comprises less than 10% of your portfolio.
  3. If the symbol is listed outside of North America.