QuoteMedia's OTC Market data is comprised of a FINRA TDDS Feed and an OTC Market Feed.

The FINRA TDDS feed is for last price and volume for given symbol.  Nasdaq is a ‘facilitator’ on behalf of FINRA for this data. There are no reporting requirements for TDDS feed data.  For more information visit https://www.finra.org/filing-reporting/market-transparency-reporting   QuoteMedia calls this NASDAQ_TDDS just because Nasdaq administrates it.

The OTC Markets feed is for bid/ask price for given symbol. There is reporting requirements and fees associated with this data but they may agree to an enterprise license for real-time data. 


QuoteMedia provides Full Level 1 streaming real-time quotes for OTC but must be entitled to Real-Time OTC Markets (Pink) exchange (exgroup=OTO) to display Bid/Ask data (per exchange regulation). 

QuoteMedia's OTC data includes:

- Full Level 2 real-time orderbooks (displayed in actual "shares" rather than boardlots)

- Nasdaq Level 2 is not required for OTC Markets Level 2 data

- News associated with OTC Markets (Pinks) symbols

- Processing of splits and symbol changes

- CUSIP (rules regarding the display of Cusip data exists)

- Fundamentals, Company Profile, Financials, and Fundamentals data where the company is filing with the SEC. We do not have access to Corporate Officer (CEO) data at this time nor Analyst, Earnings, Broker Rating data.

- 12 years of strong historical data