The 'Symbol Lookup' is a search tool that helps you find the symbols for equities and other financial information. The search tool is found in many different Live Streamer Desktop Application modules. 

Steps to search using the "Symbol Lookup" tool:

1. Locate the tool by looking at the header of the module that you are in. You will see a magnifier glass with the word "Lookup" to its right. Click on this icon.

For example, click on the "Lookup" icon in the Portfolio Manager to lookup a stock symbol:

2. Select the type of information that you are searching by. For example, if you are searching for a Symbol, select "Symbol" to the left of the search box. To the right of "Symbol", enter the name of the symbol that you are searching for.

Enter additional instrument and country types from the drop-down menus underneath the search area if you would like to refine your search. Only search results that match the instrument and country type will appear in your search results.

3. Press the "Search" button to view your results.

4. You will be given a list of results from your search.

The symbol can then be entered manually into the module screen where you want to view information, or you can click on the symbol in the search result, by holding down the left button on the mouse, and dragging the symbol directly into the module where you want to view information.

For further information on how to read Symbols, please see our Symbol Help Guide.