It is sometimes necessary to add a prefix to the beginning of a symbol, or a suffix at the end of the symbol. Entering a prefix will tell the Live Streamer Desktop Application that you would like a particular  type of security or appending a suffix will denote the exchange or country.

The list below contains common prefixes, with their respective security types:

-"^" Index, for example: ^NASD
-"@" Option, for example: @MSFT 150117C00045000
-"!" Interest Rate, for example: !PRIME
-"/" Futures, for example: /CL
-"$" Foreign Exchange Rates, for example: $USDCAD

Suffixes can be added to specify the location or exchange of the security that you are looking up. The common suffixes are:

-":US"  US Equities and Indices Exchanges, for example: MSFT:US
-":CA" TSX and TSXV Exchanges, for example: X:CA
-":CC" Canadian Consolidated Quotes (CCQ), for example: X:CC

-":LN" London Stock Exchange and FTSE UK Indices, for example: ARM:LN

The default location that is set in your Live Desktop Streamer Application settings automatically assumes that the symbol that you are enter corresponds to a regional exchange in the United States. You can change these settings by visiting How to Change Default Country Settings.

A complete list of all of the different formats for symbols can be viewed here: US Version Default Symbology.

*Note, you may also bring up the Symbol Help within the streamer by opening the 'Symbol Lookup', and clicking on 'Symbol Help'.