To receive real-time data, you must first sign the appropriate exchange agreements.

The exchange agreement forms will automatically appear in the Live Streamer Desktop Application, upon first logging in, after you subscribe to real-time data packages.

Note: Your web browser may block this pop-up. If pop-ups are blocked, unblock pop-ups in your browser and reload the webpage.

There are three tabs that must be filled out (located at 1 in the image below):

  • Exchange Agreements
  • User Info and Signature
  • Verification Questions

Note: Every field in a rectangular red field must be filled out completely.

The Exchange Agreements tab provides details on the subscriber agreement, as well as the option to cycle through the various forms for each exchange (see 2 below). If you have purchased real-time data for multiple exchanges then you will have to sign agreements for each exchange. The darkened exchange button (2) in the agreement form is the respective exchange that you are currently viewing an agreement form for.

The User Info and Signature page asks you to enter personal information. Every field must be filled, and no field can be left blank. On the bottom line of this page you type your first and last name to sign this agreement.

Before you press "Submit" in the bottom right corner of this form (see note 3 in the image below) you should proceed to the Verification Questions tab as you will be prompted that an error has occurred if they have not been answered.

In the Verification Questions tab, you will be asked a questions to determine whether or not you are a Professional user. Please answer all questions truthfully.

If you have filled out every form, proceed to the User Info Signature page and press "Submit". Please allow a moment for the forms to be verified. If the form has been filled out incorrectly, you will receive a message that indicates what fields require corrections. Make the appropriate corrections and press "Submit" again. You can now view real-time data for your purchased entitlements.