The Live Desktop Streamer Application allows users to add alerts that notify them each time a stock symbol meets a set criteria. You may, for example, be notified through e-mail or directly in the desktop application when a stock symbol reaches a price.

Steps to add an Alert:

1. Click on 'Tools' at the top menu bar.

2.  Click on 'Add a New Alert'.

3. You can the stock symbol that you would like to receive an alert for. Select an 'Alert Type', which will determine when the alert is triggered. 

Under 'Contacts', you can specify if you would like the alert sent to your email or if you would like the alert to appear as a pop-up window within the streamer.

Click on 'OK' to create the alert with the information that you have entered.

4. An alert has now been created. You can toggle the alert 'On' or 'Off' by clicking on the red or green buttons. You can also 'Modify', 'Clone', or 'Delete' the alert.