The 'Ticker' shows a list of symbols on a bar that moves across the screen. Symbols are constantly updated with current stock prices in the ticker. As you select other screens and perform other tasks, the Ticker is constantly displayed to ensure that you are constantly aware of your major stock symbols.

The 'Ticker' lists quote information for a list of symbols in any of your workbooks. To modify the list of symbols:

1. Right-click on the 'Ticker' bar. Next, select 'Edit Symbols'.

2. A 'Ticker Symbols' box will appear. 

Add a Symbol

To add a symbol, enter the symbol name above the 'Lookup' button. Alternatively, press 'Lookup' to search for a symbol that you would like to add.

Modify the Symbols 

Click on a symbol underneath the "Selected Symbols" list to highlight a selection. Once a selection is highlighted, you can select 'Remove' to delete the symbol from your ticker list.

Alternatively, you may move the order that a symbol appears in the list by clicking the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' buttons. Symbols will appear in the ticker in the order that they appear in the ordered list.

3. Once your symbols have been entered into the 'Ticker Symbols' box, press 'OK' to save your changes.