The Snap Quote displays an in-depth overview of a symbol entered into its module. The Ticker displays the last price and indicates the change in price since the last trade.

Examples of the Snap Quote and Ticker appear in the screenshot below:

The stock quote contains Level 1 information about a stock symbol entered in the top-left menu. The ticker is found underneath the Stock Quote, and begins with the /BAX:CA symbol and ends with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This list is continuously refreshed from right to left as the ticker symbols move across the screen.

To turn the ticker or stock quote on or off:

1. Click on the 'View' menu at the top of the screen.

2. Put the mouse cursor on the feature that you would like to toggle-- either 'Ticker' or 'Stock Quote'.

3. The menu lists positions that the Ticker or Stock Quote can appear in the Live Streamer. Select a position on the screen that you would like the Ticker or Stock Quote to appear.

Alternatively, to turn the stock quote or ticker off, select 'Off'.