The Live Streamer Desktop Application requires that Java is enabled to run. If Java is disabled, your web browser will display a grey box similar to the picture below:

To enable Java in your web browser, determine which web browser you are using. Each web browser has unique set of steps to enable Java. These steps are outlined below: 

Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the "Tools" cog icon   located in the top-right corner of Internet Explorer.

2. Select "Internet options" under the menu that appears.



3. Click on the 'Security' tab and select the 'Custom Level' button.

4. Select 'Enable Scripting of Java applets' near the bottom of the list. Press 'OK'.

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to 'Option Menu' (it usually appears as three horizontally stacked lines ).

2. Select 'Add-ons'.

3. On the Java(TM) add-on, change 'Never Activate' to 'Always Activate' or 'Ask to Activate'.

'Ask to Activate' will ask you for permission to run Java each time you attempt to load the Live Streamer Desktop Application.

Google Chrome:

The latest version of Google Chrome has disabled support for the Java plug-in. To run the Live Streamer Desktop Application, we recommend that you use an alternative browser, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


If you would like to temporarily enable support in Google Chrome, click here. Google has stated that this temporary fix will no longer work in September, 2015.

After this temporary fix is enabled, you will see a warning message reminding you that Google Chrome will no longer support Java: