The "Time & Sales" column displays the "Trade Indicator" code on the left side of the column, as seen in the screenshot below:

A normal trade will have no trade Indicators.

Here are the code descriptions of the trade indicators:

US Stocks

CodeCode Description
bbunched trade - average price
ccash trade
eautomatic execution
fintermarket sweep
gbunched sold trade - opening/reopening trade detail
hintraday trade detail
ibasket index on close transaction
jrule 127 trade
krule 155 trade
lsold last
nnext day
pprior reference price
ssplit trade
tform t trade - pre/post market trade
uextended hours traded - reported late or out of sequence
waverage price trade
yyellow flagged regular trade
zsold - out of sequence

Canadian Stocks

CodeCode Description
bDelayed Delivery
cContingent Trade
eNon Boardlot
fMandatory Cash
gVWAP Trade
kSets the Last Price
lSets the Open Price
mSpecial Terms Trading
nNon-Voting shares
oBasis Trade
pAccrued Interest Stock
qMOC Trade
rRestricted Voting Shares
sSpecial Trading Session
form t trade - pre/post market trade
uTrading in $US.
vSubordinate Voting Shares
xInternal Cross

London Stock Exchange Stocks

CodeCode Description
@Uncrossing Trade, Contra Trade, or Automatic trade
uAll other LSE Trade Type Indicators