Here are some instructions that may help you use the free remote access software.

1) In the top website address bar (not the search engine) type and press enter. That should take you to a page that looks like this:

2a) Click the orange button that says "Start meeting" and you should be directed to a page such as the one below. Your browser may automatically download the .exe file or you may have to manually save it like in the image below:

2b) Alternatively it may prompt you at the bottom of the screen to "Run" the file. This is a quicker option and you can click "Run" and the software should start up automatically. If so you can skip some of the following and proceed to step 5.

3a) If your download didn't start, or you don't see any files for in your recent downloads folder (remember you can view this by pressing Ctrl + J) then you'll want to click "Try again" as seen in the image above.

3b) It should work the second time, if not something is blocking .exe files from downloading onto your computer. This could be either an antivirus or firewall and you will need to find out how to unblock this. You'll want to talk to your IT representative if you're at the office, or visit your antivirus software's website and ask them for assistance in allowing these files to be downloaded.

4) You may be prompted by a security warning as seen in the image below. If so you can press ok as this software is safe to run on your computer. You will then be prompted to run the file, click run.

5) It should take a few seconds but the software will eventually start running and you will see the control panel at the top of the screen (see image below with red arrows). If you do not see it at first check your taskbar (usually on the bottom of your screen with other open windows displayed) and you will find the software. The 9 digit number there is what you need to provide us with in order for us to connect with your computer and assist with any issues that you are having. In order to share your screen you may need to click the left orange button under the 9 digit number.

If you are still unable to run the software you will need to refer to point 3b. Once you have figured that out with your IT department or your antivirus software company we'll be able to further assist you.