If you are experiencing connection issues, it may be a sign that Java is not making a direct connection to the internet. This can lead to problems with the program connecting to the app.quotemedia.com URL, which is necessary to load the Live Desktop Streamer.

To ensure that Java is making a direct connection to the Internet:

    1. Open "Control Panel" in Windows.
    2. Find the Java application, and open it.

    3. A "Configure Java" window will appear. Click on "Network Settings".

    4. If "Use browser settings" is selected, please select "Direct Connection" instead.

    The former set of steps will resolve most connection issues that block access to Live Desktop Streamer Application data.

    If you continue to experience connection issues, please do not hesitate to reach our technical support department at 1-877-367-5970. We would be able to give you more insight and direction to further problem-solve any connection issues that may be causing issues that stop the Live Desktop Streamer Application from loading.